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24 juin 2013

Wind him up and watch him go.








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"Ah! happy they whose hearts can break 
And peace of pardon win! 
How else may man make straight his plan 
And cleanse his soul from Sin? 
How else but through a broken heart 
May Lord Christ enter in?"

-The Ballad of Reading Gaol, Oscar Wilde


idk jaune





"O plunge your hands in water,

Plunge them in up to the wrist;

Stare, stare in the basin

And wonder what you've missed 


O look, look in the mirror

O look in your distress:

Life remains a blessing

Although you cannot bless.


O stand, stand at the window

As the tears scald and start;

You shall love your crooked neighbour

With your crooked heart."


-As I Walked out One Evening, WH Auden















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12 juin 2013

A star to every wandering bark








hipster hair






sailor jerry






Des essais réalisés depuis lundi. Si tu veux discuter ou me poser des questions, viens là.






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